ZYP’s Machinable Advanced Refractory Ceramic


Call for more information on Z-MARC as to sizes and available pucks.


Key Attributes

• Stable/inert ceramic phases
• Readily machinable with conventional machine tools
• Usable in all atmospheres – air, vacuum, inert
• Good strength at temperatures up to 1200 C – well beyond any other machinable ceramic usable in air atmospheres
• Contains no Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF)
• Ready-to-use to high temperatures (no additional firing required)
• Low thermal conductivity
• Electrically insulating with high breakdown voltage
• Chemically resistant
• >99% theoretical density, with near-zero porosity
• No outgassing on heating
• Withstands thermal cycling

Ideal Uses

• Forming complex ceramic components
• Electrical insulation with high breakdown voltage
• Parts for thermal cycling
• Small specialty one-of-a-kind pieces