Y Aerosol

Discounted to $1,536.00 for Case of 12.

Y Aerosol is a fast-drying, solvent-based aerosol spray can (13 oz.) that allows easy application of Yttrium Oxide to most any substrate for use in any atmosphere. The aerosol-can provides the great properties of Y₂O₃ in an easy-to-use manner. Y-Aerosol has low electrical conductivity; low thermal conductivity; superior high-temperature stability with molten metals, glasses, slags, and salts. It is also usable as an inert barrier for reactions, diffusion bonding, brazing, etc.


Key Attributes


  • Reactive Metal Melting or Casting
  • Hot-Pressing
  • Reactive Glass Melting or Forming
  • Weld Spatter

High-temperature Barrier Coating

  • Hot-pressing
  • Diffusion Bonding
  • Sintering

High-temperature Lubrication

Ideal Uses

  • Superplastic Forming Lubricant
  • Braze Stop-Off (with Titanium and others)