Type G

Type G is a Gadolinium Oxide coating which uses very high purity (99.99%) Gd 2 O 3 with a minimal amount of cellulosic binder to allow easy paintability and adherence with typical use-temperatures being near room temperature. However, the coating can be used also as a washcoat (low adherence) coating in the same fashion as our Type Y (Y 2 O 3 ) coating, only in vacuum/inert atmospheres when use-temperatures exceed 200 C (392 F). Type G is considered a “neutron absorber coating” and, as such, can be milled with Aluminium Oxide cylinders/balls to give smaller particles, if desired for such application.


Key Attributes

  • High thermodynamic stability
  • Applies like house paint – brush, dip, or spray
  • Gadolinium has the highest thermal neutron absorption cross section of any naturally occurring element


Ideal Uses

  • Neutron capture
  • Nuclear applications
  • Barrier coating to interactions during heat treating