Type CE Blackbody

Type CE Blackbody is a water-based, high-emissivity Cerium Oxide (CeO2) coating that has the good thermodynamic stability of Rare Earth Oxides (REOs) and forms 90% CeO2 after outgassing at 500-600 C. The Type CE Blackbody coating has very good chemical and erosion resistance, and is designed for ceramic and refractory substrates. A conservative upper use limit for the coating is 1500 C (2732 F). See our US Patent 6,007,873 on CeO2 for a high emissivity coating.


Key Attributes

  • Yields 90% CeO2 on heating over 600 C
  • High emissivity: >= 0.9 from 1000 C to >=1500 C
  • Expected non-reactive with most materials
  • Good chemical/erosion resistance
  • Low thermal conductivity** and electrical conductivity
  • Water-based, easy to use like house paint

**Kiichi Suzuki et al., “Thermal and Mechanical Properties of CeO2,” J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 102 [4], 1994-2008 (2019).   Note: see Figure 9.

Ideal Uses

  • Whenever a high-emissivity/blackbody coating is required
  • Faster heatup/cooldown for furnaces
  • Better temperature uniformity
  • Interaction barrier coating and release layer