Traycoat A Aerosol Brushable

Traycoat A Aerosol Brushable is an economical version of the Traycoat A Aerosol sold by the gallon in bulk paint form. Traycoat paints are barrier-separation coatings for powder metallurgy and vacuum sintering processes. They are designed for graphite as well as refractory metal or ceramic sintering trays and boats used to over 1500°C in hard vacuum. It can be diluted to the desired viscosity using either acetone or ethyl alcohol.


Key Attributes

  • Maintains Consistent Carbon Contents of Sintered Parts
  • Prevents Warping
  • Extends Tray Lifetime
  • Reaction-barrier Layer
  • Easy-to-Use, Fast-Drying, Solvent Based

Ideal Uses

  • Graphite Trays or Boats for Cobalt-bonded WC, TiC, TaC Parts
  • Carbon Barrier or Separator Layer
  • Reactive Refractory Metal Sintering