TN Aerosol Brushable

TN Aerosol Brushable uses the same binder system that is used in our aerosol spray cans but in bulk paint form and sold by the gallon. The TN Aerosol Brushable can be applied by brushing, traditional air-spraying means, or dipping. Usable in non-air atmospheres to 1600-1900°C (2900-3460°F).   TN Aerosol Brushable can be diluted with acetone to decrease drying time or with ethyl alcohol to increase drying time.


Key Attributes

  • Fast Drying, Solvent Based
  • Easy-to use
  • Dilutable with Acetone and/or Ethanol
  • Apply Like House Paint

Ideal Uses

  • Electrical/Thermal Conductivity
  • Carbon Barrier Layer
  • Reactive Molten Metals