TAP Ink is a ready-to-use water-based, totally inorganic, pH-Acidic (like lemon juice) white ink that is designed to produce a tough, abrasion resistant and water-resistant coating on all substrates. The TAP Ink is ideal for marking and identification of parts, and is usable to over 1472 F (over 800 C).  Note that thinner coatings give the best results.


Key Attributes

  • Adherent to metals and ceramics with thermal cycles
  • Completely water insoluble after heating to approx. 125 C for <=4hrs.
  • Minimal outgassing on heatup … with water as the species evolved.
  • High-temperature stable. Does not glaze, melt, run, become tacky or chalk off.
  • Easily applied, like house paint
  • Water-based; utensils are readily cleaned up with water [before drying]
  • Good flexibility

Ideal Uses

  • Marking/Identification/Coding of parts being heat-treated
  • Marking/Identification/Coding of tags used at high-temperatures
  • Providing a water-insoluble mark or coating on a substrate