RepelKote is an economical water-based Boron Nitride coating that repels molten Aluminum and prevents adhering and sticking to transport refractories. The coating is designed to be diluted with water as desired. RepelKote is compatible with mild steel and cast iron substrates as well as ceramics.


Key Attributes

  • Economical Coating that Repels Molten Metal
  • Provides Release/Non-Wetting/Non-Sticking with Molten Aluminum and its Drosses
  • Good Adherence to All Substrates
  • Readily Dilutable to 2:1 Water-to-Coating or more
  • Easily Applied, Like Ordinary Housepaint
  • Water-Based, Safe, Easy to Clean Up

Ideal Uses

  • Where economy is foremost
  • All molten metal transport components.
  • Whenever a diluted coating is desired.
  • For ease of release of metal from substrates after flowing/casting