PlasterMix YY Casting Powder

Plastermix YY is an all-Yttria based plaster-forming mixture, which on merely adding water and stirring, becomes like Plaster-of-Paris that can cast into silicone forms to make “investment” molds or porous shapes or even be applied like stucco to firebrick.


Key Attributes

  • Uses Yttrium Oxide as the cementitious phase for forming plaster
  • Readily forms slurry with working behavior like Plaster-of-Paris
  • Slurry can be cast for forming shapes or “investment” molds
  • Provides mixing/working time of over 10 minutes before setting begins and up to an hour before completely setting up as plaster
  • Heating to 800-1400 C provides a well-bonded, free-standing shape
  • Sandable after drying or firing
  • Yields crack-free thick dried or fired pieces
  • Water-based, safe and easy to use or cleanup
  • Contains no Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF), no sulfur, no silica

Ideal Uses

  • Forming “investment” molds for casting very reactive molten metals
  • Providing a stable porous (typically1,2 50-65% porous, with pore diameter 0.5-2 microns) refractory part based on Yttrium Oxide
  • Forming a weakly-bonded, highly-stable refractory stucco/plaster on firebrick and porous substrates