NovaMix LC Powder

NovaMix LC powder made into liquid-paint coating by simply adding water provides a ceramic layer, which is generally unreactive and nonwetting with molten nonferrous metals and alloys.  The coating bonds readily to ceramic, metal, or graphite substrates.  NovaMix LC performs almost as well as our ready-to-use coating equivalent: BN Lubricoat.


Key Attributes

  • No worries about freezing
  • Economical: shipped as powder, which avoids shipment cost of heavy water-based paint
  • Easily made into paint by the user: add water, and stir or mix until uniform
  • Easily applied after making into liquid-paint: use like housepaint
  • Ease of application: gray during first application for enhanced visibility [Note: turns white after heating to above 700 C in air]

Ideal Uses

This formulation is sold in a sealed plastic bag of powder with the amount to add to 1-gallon of water and yields approximately 1.4 gallons of paint.

  1. In a clean 2 gallon or larger container (can purchase here), add one gallon of water (3.8 kg/8.3 pounds)
  2. Add the contents of the bag of powder
  3. Secure the lid. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds. After shaking, a drill mixer can be used to further blend the paint until uniform.
  4. Clean surfaces to be coated of any oil, dirt, scale, etc.
  5. Apply one or more layers by brush or spray, like ordinary house paint, drying after each layer.
  6. Allow to thoroughly dry before use.  The coated part can now be placed into service.