MUY BN Ultra High Purity h-BN Boron Nitride Powder

ZYP Coatings’ MUY BN ultra high purity h-BN (hexagonal Boron Nitride) powder is ideal for dry lubrication by merely rubbing it onto surfaces.

18 grams of powder in a 4 oz (125 ml) Nalgene container


Key Attributes

  • Over 99.9% purity h-BN
  • High lubricity: low Coefficient-of-Friction (COF) of 0.2
  • Thermally conductive, electrically insulating
  • Usable in all atmospheres, substrates, and temperatures up to 1000 C (1832 F)
  • Safe, inert, non-reactive

Ideal Uses

  • Dry lubricant for metals
  • Anti-stick/anti-seize/release agent
  • Filler (for high thermal conductivity; electrical insulation)