Maskote Zinc Stop-Off (5 gallon pail)

Discounted to $600/pail for 2-5 pails and $567/pail for 6 or more pails.

Maskote Zinc Stop-Off is a specially formulated solvent-based paint that withstands normal alkaline and acid-cleaning operations before galvanizing and then, with galvanizing, masks off the coated areas and prevents zinc-steel alloying.  To use, simply paint, dry (fast-drying due to its solvent), and place into service (no “cure” needed).  We recommend to initially test out Maskote with different thicknesses to determine the optimum one for a particular galvanized part. After galvanizing, the coating is easily removed with pressurized water rinse and/or by mechanical means



Key Attributes

  • Stops galvanizing in unwanted areas
  • Fast drying, solvent-based (flammable)
  • Allows both alkaline and acid cleaning after coating
  • Easy-to use: applies like house paints by brushing or dipping
  • Apply like house paint


Ideal Uses

  • Galvanizing Stop-Off or Maskant