InfuseKote is a clear, water-based liquid that can be used to infuse, infiltrate and impregnate porous refractory ceramic substrates. When heated, InfuseKote forms a vitreous glaze-like sealant surface layer that withstands thermal cycling.

InfuseKote can be used on any high-fired porous ceramic material. Application can be by brushing, spraying, or dipping, or by soaking the piece in the InfuseKote liquid for greater penetration. After coating or infusion, drying can be done at 90 C for 1 hour, and then heated to 500-600 C for complete outgassing. Further heating to 950 C will bond the infused material tightly to the substrate. Heating to above 1100 C will form a stable, clear, non-silicate glaze on the porous ceramic.


Key Attributes

  • Seals porosity
  • Can react to form a refractory glass-ceramic
  • Forms vitreous layer of non-silica ‘glaze’
  • Applies like house paint
  • Safe, water-based

Ideal Uses

  • Sealing ceramic surfaces from gaseous or liquid/slag penetration and attack
  • Preventing moisture pickup during downtime
  • Making a denser, stronger material for high-temperature uses