Dental Cast Release Kit (Case)

Discounted to $270/case ($22.50/kit) for 2-5 cases and $240/case ($20/kit) for 6 or more cases.

Dental Cast Release provides a water-based paint that can be used to apply a thin Boron Nitride (BN) layer onto typical ceramic crucibles or molds — such as special ceramics good to 1550 °C or inserts of graphite or glassy carbon, as well as fused silica/quartz crucibles. The crucibles are generally used for vacuum melting and casting of specialty alloys such as “high fusing gold” alloys, cobalt-chrome, nickel-chrome, and other non-precious metal alloys for crowns or bridges. This new easy-to-use finger-pump sprayer allows application of BN paint onto most any surface, substrate, crucible, or mold.



Key Attributes

  • Easy to see contrasting blue color
  • Ready-to-use finger-pump sprayer
  • Water-based, non-flammable, non-hazardous
  • Anti-stick for easy release – eliminates residues
  • Extends crucible/mold lifetime

Ideal Uses

Perfect for easy release of dental alloy castings using ceramic crucibles/molds or graphite/glassy-carbon liners.