Color Paste

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Color Pastes are ready-to-use water-based, totally inorganic, pH-Acidic pastes that allow foundries and molten metal processing facilities to add color to their operations.  Can be used for adding labels, marking, coding, logos or identification to your ceramics with use temperatures up to 800 C and to metals up to 500 C.  Can be applied by trowel, spatula, putty knife, squeegee or, more conventionally, by brush or roller, and even by pressure-fed air-spraying.  Coating is applied and dried at room temperature, and is then ready to be used in a high temperature environment.  Note that thinner coatings generally give the best results. Black, White, Red, Yellow and Blue will mix to make a nearly infinite number of colors.


Key Attributes

  • Adherent to most all ceramic materials, withstanding thermal cycles and remaining color stable.
  • Forms a tough, abrasion-resistant layer at temperature of 200 C and above
  • Minimal outgassing on heatup (H2O and NOx )
  • High-temperature stable: does not glaze, melt, run, become tacky or chalk off.
  • Easily applied, like house paint
  • Water-based; utensils are readily cleaned up with water

Ideal Uses

  • Coating any porous or dense ceramic with a distinctive color
  • Coating ceramics or metals with safety messages
  • Providing logo or identification on parts used at high-temperatures
  • Reducing surface dusting/spalling from ceramic parts