Clearcoat Protectant

Clearcoat Protectant is a clear, solvent-based, tough, sealant coating that is useful for preventing tarnishing/oxidation of metals and is water-repellant/insoluble after application.   Useful for Copper, Brass, Bronze, Silver as well as other metals, non-metallics (ceramic/wood/plastic).   Ideal for diluting the specialty ChillOff or ChemStop coatings.

Can be used at ambient to 200 C on most substrates.


Key Attributes

  • Provides a clear, tough sealant coating
  • Protects from unwanted/ugly tarnishing for metals
  • Prevents having to regularly clean metals with special polishes
  • Safe solvent-based thinner for ChillOff and ChemStop coatings
  • Easy-to-use: applies like house paint by brushing or dipping

Ideal Uses

  • Metal surfaces
  • Metal flashing
  • Metal plaques, signs, and markers
  • Ceramics, plastics, organic/wood sealant
  • Conservatory liquid for protecting artifacts from environmental deterioration