Cera Mastic DMX

Cera Mastic DMX is a dry mixture of refractory powders which, on adding around 20 wt% water, instantly forms the same amazing  Cera Mastic as our ready-to-use product.  The advantage of DMX is that it will not dry out or have shelf life issues and can be easily made as much as needed and when needed. And the Cera Mastic paste is ideal for filling/fissures, cracks, and joints in all refractory materials- usable to 1500 C in all atmospheres.


Key Attributes

  • Instant putty from dry mix by just adding water
  • 1500 C use temperature
  • Good for all refractories
  • Contains no RCF (Refractory Ceramic Fiber)
  • Water-based – easy cleanup

Ideal Uses

  • Repairing/patching of fissures, cracks, joints
  • Cementing refractory parts in place
  • Sealing gaps from vapor/gas permeation