BNSL Binder

Paint Binder that Allows Researchers to Produce Their Own High-Temperature Coating by Just Adding the Powder of Choice

The BNSL Binder is one of our most versatile suspension agent/binder liquids. It utilizes an alcohol-acetone based vehicle and is the binder system that is used with ZYP Coatings’ mainline aerosol sprays. BNSL Binder produces medium hardness coatings with medium water resistance. The binder also has a medium ability to suspend solids and generally produces low to medium viscosity coatings with most refractory powders. With its non-aqueous binder liquid, BNSL Binder is generally not very reactive to materials, so that most any powder can be used with it. Other properties – long shelf life of over12 months; flash point of 15°F. The BNSL Binder is often a preferred binder for first trials due to its utility in air environments and inertness to most powder additives.


Key Attributes

  • Moderate water-resistance on ambient drying
  • Moderate suspendability of ‘filler’ powders
  • Forms moderate-hardness coatings
  • Good in all atmospheres, including air
  • Minimal outgassing (H2O, COx)—mostly complete by 150 C
  • Dilutable with Ethanol for slower drying or Acetone for faster drying or any combination of these
  • Safe, easy-to-use
  • No cure needed

Ideal Uses

  • Binder/Suspender