BN Lubricoat PW-DIL

BN Lubricoat PW-DIL was developed as a version of our “workhorse” BN Lubricoat concentrated coating that is highly diluted with purified demineralized water. Thus PW-DIL allows application of thinner coatings with all the good properties of the best BN coating. This product utilizes nitric acid “peptizer” and is stable with all substrates that are compatible with pH-Acidic (like lemon juice) systems.


Key Attributes

  • Provides all the good properties of BN Lubricoat
  • Very low viscosity – ideal for air-spraying
  • Provides non-stick, release, diffusion barrier layer coating of BN
  • Ready-to-use, pre-diluted to ensure uniformity
  • Water-based, safe and easy to clean up

Ideal Uses

  • All molten nonferrous metal transport components – nonwetting release agent
  • Barrier layer for diffusion bonding
  • Braze stop-off