BN Lubricoat Gray

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BN Lubricoat Gray is a permanent-gray tinted version of our best general use Boron Nitride Lubricoat. The great nonwetting properties of BN are achieved with a distinctive permanent color for those not wanting white, blue or gold. BN Lubricoat Gray is ready-to-use as is or can be diluted further with water if desired. The coating also provides the very best nonwetting release with all molten nonferrous metal processing areas of use.


Key Attributes

  • Provides Nonwetting, Non-Stick, Release with Molten Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc and their Drosses
  • Protects Ceramics, Metals and Graphite
  • Maintenance is Reduced and Operator Satisfaction Maximized
  • Applied Like House paint
  • Safe, Water-Based, No VOC’s

Ideal Uses

  • Coating All Molten-Metal Transport Components
  • Braze Stop-Off
  • Weld Spatter Release