BN HPB is a relatively-soft, washcoat-type of Boron Nitride (BN) coating that provides high-purity (over 99% pure) BN after firing. The coating is usable in vacuum to over 1400C (over 2552F) and inert atmospheres to over 1800 C (over 3272F). This coating should NOT be used in air atmospheres.  BN HPB is ready-to-use or can be diluted with water as desired.


Key Attributes

  • Provides non-stick, non-wetting, release
  • Applies like house paint (brush, dip, air-spray)
  • Low viscosity, yet highly loaded with BN
  • Water-based, safe and easy-to-clean-up

Ideal Uses

  • Coating ceramics, metals, graphite and composite materials for release/lubrication
  • Barrier layer to prevent reaction/interaction at high-temperatures in vacuum/inert conditions
  • Hot-pressing/forming of parts
  • When maximum purity of Boron Nitride is required