The Miracle of Boron Nitride Lubricoats


ZYP Coatings, Inc., established in 1982, pioneered the area of paintable refractory/ceramic coatings.  They were designed to act like housepaints, being safe and easy-to-use and applied like housepaints but being able to withstand very high-temperatures in any use-environment (air, inert, vacuum, reducing).

Early in our corporate development, we discovered and introduced to the molten nonferrous metal industry the uniqueness and performance of BORON NITRIDE coatings, leading to our observation of The Miracle of Boron Nitride Lubricoat® which is why Boron Nitride (BN) coatings are used routinely today with molten aluminum and other nonferrous metals. The “Miracle” is that the Boron Nitride is TOTALLY AND TRULY NON-WETTING to the molten metal, its alloys and drosses: it acts like a high-temperature version of TEFLON®

  •  Molten aluminum rolls off it like “water on a duck’s back”.
  •  Molten aluminum doesn’t stick at all to Boron Nitride – acting like an egg on a Teflon®-coated skillet, just sliding off.

Due to this eye-popping performance of BN incorporated into our Boron Nitride Lubricoat®  BN Lubricoat is known as our “workhorse” coating and is the leader for all molten nonferrous metal transport and containment uses, including coating crucibles, casting tables, launders, runners, auto-pour ladles, molds and many others.

BN Lubricoat is sold everywhere, making ZYP Coatings “World Leader in Boron Nitride Coatings”.