ZYP Coatings sells directly to all parts of the world.  The website store is for purchase in the US and Canada.  Contact us for more information on direct shipping.

Distributor for Molten Aluminium Industry

For the molten aluminium industry, Pyrotek Inc. distributes ZYP Coatings’ boron nitride paint products internationally.   Please visit their website for locations or more information: Pyrotek Website

If purchasing through Pyrotek, please be aware that each location will advise on pricing and availability.  Please Note** Prices posted throughout our website are for products purchased direct through ZYP Coatings in the US and Canada only.  However, all paint products can be purchased direct from ZYP Coatings: call for “volume” or international pricing.


Castool Tooling Solutions offers ToolRelease (trademark of Castool) products for extrusion areas of use.