Maskote WB Zinc Stop-Off

Maskote® WB Zinc Stop-Off was developed as a water-based coating designed to withstand normal alkaline and acid-cleaning operations before galvanizing while also stopping molten zinc adherence in unwanted areas. Due to its water base, this coating requires a longer drying time than our solvent-based Maskote, and also, preferably, two coats for best results. The Maskote WB Zinc Stop-Off is shipped as non-hazardous, allowing for lower costs for shipping and handling.

Key Attributes
  • Provides all the good properties of our solvent-based Maskote, stopping galvanizing in unwanted areas such as threads, joints, and
    weld areas
  • Allows both alkaline & acid cleaning after coating and drying
  • Water-based, safe and easy to clean up
  • Easy-to-use: applies like house paint by brushing or dipping
Ideal Use
  • Galvanizing Stop-Off/Maskant

Link to PDF datasheet: Maskote WB Zinc Stop-Off