Maskote Aerosol Zinc Stop-Off

Maskote® Aerosol Zinc Stop-Off is packaged in a convenient aerosol can for applying Maskote to steel parts to mask off the coated areas and prevent zinc-steel alloying.  Once Maskote is dried for around 40 minutes, it withstands alkaline and acid cleaning operations — as well as the molten zinc.  The paint is intended to be applied at room temperature, dried to the touch, without “cure”, and then placed into use-environment.

Key Attributes
  • Stops galvanizing in unwanted areas such as threads, joints, and weld areas
  • Allows both alkaline and acid cleaning after coating
  • Solvent-based, easy application
  • No mess or cleaning after use
Ideal Use
  • Galvanizing Stop-Off or Maskant

Link to PDF datasheet: Maskote Aerosol Zinc-Stop-Off

  • Maskote Aerosol Zinc Stop-Off
  • 13 oz. aerosol can
  • $23.75
  • Maskote Aerosol Zinc Stop-Off
  • Case of 12 (13 oz.) aerosol cans
  • $255.00
    $243.00 for 2-5
    $231.00 for 6+