BN Lubricoat ZSB

BN Lubricoat® ZSB was developed to have a very-high loading of Boron Nitride while having a very-low viscosity and particle refinement which enables a very consistent, uniform coating to be applied.

BN Lubricoat ZSB is ready-to-use as is or can be diluted further with water if desired. However, with its high BN loading and low viscosity, ZSB is ideal for dip-coating parts.

Key Attributes
  • Very stable/uniform low viscosity
  • Superior consistency of coated parts
  • Provides/nonwetting, non-stick, release, lubrication and all the properties of BN
  • Can be used as is or diluted with water
  • Water-based, safe and easy-to-clean-up
Ideal Use
  • Dip or spray coating of parts
  • Coating all molten Aluminum transport components
  • Coating ceramics, metals, graphite and composite materials and molds for release/lubrication

Link to PDF datasheet:BN Lubricoat ZSB