Type T

Type T is a relatively-soft, washcoat-type of  Titanium Carbide coating that provides a high-purity (>99% ) layer which is usable in vacuum and inert atmospheres to >2000 C (>3632 F).  This coating should NOT be used in air atmospheres.

Key Attributes
  • Very stable coating on Graphite substrates
  • Stops Graphite diffusion into parts or topcoatings
  • Applies like housepaint – brush, dip, or spray
  • Safe, Water-Based
Ideal Use
  • Coating Graphite crucibles, molds, and trays
  • Barrier coating to carbothermic reduction of oxide coatings in vacuum (typically extends use-temperatures of oxide topcoatings by 100-200 C)

Link to PDF datasheet: Type T