Type A1

Type A1 is a water-based paint that yields a moderately-hard coating that is 100% Aluminum Oxide when heated over 600°C (1112°F).   The coating is typically about 50% dense and has much less hardness than fully dense Aluminum Oxide.  It provides many of the useful properties of AI2O3 in an easy-to-use paintable form for all atmospheres up to 1800°C (3240°F).

Key Attributes
  • Resistant to Molten Metals
  • Low Electrical Conductivity
  • Relatively High Thermal Conductivity
  • Inert to Many Refractory Materials
  • Applied Like House Paint
  • Safe, Water-Based, No VOC’s
Ideal Use
  • Crucible/Mold Coatings
  • Reaction-Barrier
  • Separator Layer
  • High Electrical Resistivity Layer

Link to PDF datasheet: Type-A1