Zypcoat ATO

Zypcoat® ATO is an economical, water-based coating of Aluminum Titanium Oxide that reduces adherence or sticking with molten Aluminum processing.  Usable to 1400 C in all atmospheres.  The coating can be diluted with water as desired and works well on ceramic and metal substrates.

Key Attributes
  • Economical Coating for Molten Aluminum
  • Good Adherence to Ceramic and Metal Substrates
  • Easily Applied, Like Ordinary Housepaint
  • Boron free
  • Water-based, Easy to Clean Up
  • Not Affected by Freezing
Ideal Use
  • All molten-metal transport components
  • Applications that require temperatures greater than typical aluminum processing
  • Alloys that require no boron

Link to PDF datasheet: Zypcoat ATO