Molten Metal Processing

Primary-Aluminum Manufacturing

Hot-Top Billet Casting Table (Wagstaff), Troughs, Launders, Filer Boxes, Runners:

“Used” Casting Tables with Bone Ash residual:

Pins and Spouts:

Transition Plates (Wagstaff):

Staulk Tubes:

  1. Metal or Ceramic; BN HardcoatBN Hardcoat-CMBN Cera Dip
  2. Ceramic; MW-50 Paste

Graphite Degassers, Rotors/Stators

Nonferrous Foundry

Wheel Casting & Permanent Mold Casting 

Topcoating over standard thermally-insulating coating:

Molten Aluminum; All Nonferrous Foundries Including Investment Casting, Sand Casting, Die Casting

Hand ladles and skimmers:

Autopour ladles of Stainless Steel:

“RFM” (Reinforced Fiberglass Material ) Composite Ladles:

Precious Metal Casting – Mold Coating

Superalloy, Ferrous Metal, and Reactive Metal Melting/Casting (Crucible/Mold Coating) and Reaction-Barrier/Separator Coating


Superplastic/Quick-Plastic Forming and Isothermal Forging of Specialty Shapes

Auto Glass Windshields

OEM Drape Forming:

“Replacement” Windshield Glass Forming:

Cermet/MMC (Metal Matrix Composites) Processing

Infiltrating and then Consolidating

BN Lubricoat … for infiltrating and then consolidating

Ceramic Manufacturing

Hot-pressing Anti-stick/reaction Barrier With Graphite Punches/dies

Hot Isostatic Pressing

Silicon Nitride/Oxynitride/Sialon Manufacturing


Stop-Off For Zinc Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Continuous Galvanizing Steel Rolls


General Brazing And Welding Operations As A ‘Stop-Off’ Coating And Weld Spatter Release

Barrier Layers For Diffusion Bonding (In Vacuum) Of Titanium And Other Metals

Barrier Layers For Diffusion Bonding Or Processing In Air

Coating Fixtures And Nozzles To Prevent Sticking Of Braze, Weld Materials, Etc.

High Temperature Brazing greater than 1000 C

Process Heating Industry

For Sealing Cartridge Heaters In Place

[See expired U.S. Patent 4,733,055]

For Improving Heating Uniformity And Energy Efficiency (I.E., With Heat Lamps

[See expired U.S. Patent 5,168,193]

Tribological Systems

DFL (Dry Film Lubricant)

To reduce friction from cryogenic to high temperatures; stop galling/cold-welding of parts; anti-squeal/squeak:

Powder Metallurgy (PM) Processing – Sintering Hardmetals (Tungsten Carbide), Rare-Earth Magnets, and Refractory Metals

Prevent sticking and reaction with graphite or Molybdenum trays during processing.

Heat Treating Industry

Stop-Off for Nitriding/Carburizing/Carbo-Nitriding


Stopping Ferrous Metals From Oxidation

Stopping Graphite From Oxidation

Rigidizing/Sealing Refractory Surface Dust From Insulating Brick Or Fiber-Blankets

Reactive Barrier Layer – When Processing Reactive Metal Sheets

Glass Industry

Art Glass Slumping/Drape-Forming

  • BN Aerosol Lubricoat
    Solvent-based and the most popular (also sometimes referred to as ZYP Mold Release Spray)
  • BN Glass Release Spray
    A water-based BN paint in a pump spray bottle as an alternative to our flammable solvent-based aerosol BN Aerosol Lubricoat.  Must re-suspend before use since there is settling with this product. Sprayer must be kept clean. Here are the instructions.
  • BN Glass Release Brushable
    Brushable water-based paint alternative to the BN Aerosol Lubricoat.  Must re-suspend before use.
  • Glass Release Thinner
    For thinning the water-based BN Glass Release Spray or the water-based BN Glass Release Brushable

Specialty-Reactive Glass Melting/Casting/Processing

Fiber Glass Processing – Friction reduction

Dental Industry

For Casting Parts

  • Dental Cast Release
    provides a water-based paint that can be used to apply a thin Boron Nitride layer onto typical ceramic crucibles or molds
  • BN Releasecoat
    a relatively-soft, washcoat-type of coating with a lower BN content
For Diamond Drill Bit Manufacturing – Barrier Layer and Release Agent for Diamond-Matrix or Metal-Bond-Powder Processing with Graphite Components

Coating for Protective Layer

Extrusion Industry

Anti-Stick Coating For Stopping Sticking Of Billet Ends To Dies/Dummy-Blocks

Die Face And Dummy-Block Lubricant

Plastics Industry

Molding And Extrusion - Surface Release Agent

Use when Silicones are not acceptable with problem plastics for release with cavities, ejector pins, and dies.

Additive To Plastics And Polymer Materials

Add to products such as high-temperature gaskets to provide enhanced thermal conductivity, lubricity, and dielectric strength