BN Lubricoat NFN-12 Spray


BN Lubricoat NFN-12 Spray is our unique nonfammable-solvent based less than 100 nanometer BN packaged in a convenient trigger sprayer for applying thin, uniform layers of coating onto most any substrate.  This trigger sprayer allows the user to apply the coating in an atomized spray similar to a conventional aerosol spray-can using a propellant.  However, this sprayer is non-pressurized. Can refill with BN Lubricoat NFN-12

Key Attributes
  • Ready-to-use trigger sprayer with nonflammable solvent-based BN suspension
  • Utilizes less than 100 nm BN particles for maximum surface coverage
  • Usable to 1000 C or higher in all atmospheres
Ideal Use
  • Reducing Friction
  • Providing Release
  • Barrier Layer

Link to Technical Datasheet: BN Lubricoat NFN-12 Spray

Helpful Hints: BN Lubricoat NFN-12 Hints