Maskote NF Zinc Stop-Off

ZYP Coating’s Maskote NF Zinc Stop-Off is designed to perform nearly identically to our regular/flammable Maskote.  This new product is a non-flammable fast-drying solvent-based coating.  It can be shipped as non-hazardous, allowing for much lower shipping and handling costs as compared to our regular/flammable version.

Key Attributes
  • Non-Flammable, Fast Drying, Solvent Based Paint
  • Non-Ozone Depleting Solvent System with Low Global-Warming-Potential and
  • Easy-to use – like housepaints
  • Allows for both alkaline and acid cleaning after coating/drying parts
  • Stops galvanizing in unwanted areas such as threads, weld areas, joints
Ideal Use
  • Galvanizing Stop-Off or Maskant

Link to PDF datasheet: Maskote NF Zinc Stop-Off

  • Maskote NF Zinc Stop-Off
  • 2 quart pack
  • $126.65