New YAG Binder

ZYP Coatings has developed a very stable Yttrium Aluminum Garnet binder that is water-based and has a good ability to suspend solids. It yields very refractory 3Y2O3*5Al2O3 as the phase that bonds the ‘filler’ solids added to the binder.


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New “How-to” Videos

ZYP Coatings has made some instructional videos to demonstrate how to apply our coatings and how to use the proper equipment. The use of the DeVilbiss sprayer is demonstrated.


Russ Hollingsworth filmed and edited these How-to videos.

Instructional Videos

New Lid Designs

ZYP Coatings now has new lids for both the one and five gallon pails.

The one gallon lid has a pour spout if you request it. All lids are now easier to open with no special tools. You can just zip off the bottom of the lid and it is released.

The five gallon lid is easy to unscrew with the attached red pop-up handle. The lid also has a pour spout.

We at ZYP hope that these changes will make our products easier to use. Thanks for purchasing our coatings.