Introducing our Newly Designed Pails

Along with our redesigned labels, we’ve improved our pails with a sturdy lid developed by M&M Industries. This bucket and lid withstood being dropped off our dock multiple times without spilling. Keep in mind, this was with no packaging around it and only the bare bucket!

Welcome to the new site!

As you may have noticed, we’ve just redesigned our website to make things easier to find and bring the look and feel up to date.  Feel free to give us any feedback!

Celebrating 32 Years

2014 is our 32nd year for manufacturing coatings. Thank you so much for your support and continued business with us. We have taken pleasure in developing coatings to meet your individual needs. You have made us the world leader in high temperature coatings. Thanks again. ZYP_32_years

Boron Nitride Aerosol Lubricoat-NF

ZYP_BN-NFBoron Nitride Aerosol Lubricoat®-NF is the first product to use our new non-flammable, ecologically friendly Necosolv solvent system. This is a first-of-its-kind, non-flammable aerosol, demonstrating Necotek™ development with Necosolv solvents.

Learn more about the non-flammable solvents at Necotek Solutions.

ZYP Coating’s Boron Nitride Lubricoat®-NF-12 is the same unique non-flammable formulation used by our BN Aerosol Lubricoat®-NF aerosol-can but sold in bulk paint form and sold by the gallon.

Product Page: BN Aerosol Lubricoat -NF

Product Page: BN Lubricoat-NF-12