The products below are based on Yttrium Oxide in a non-aqueous formulation and provide the most thermodynamically stable Yttria in paintable form.  It is used for applications such as reactive metal melting, lubrication for superplastic forming / isothermal forging, masking for diffusion bonding / brazing.  We also offer Yttrium Oxide coatings in a water-based formula: Other R&D Coatings.

You can buy directly from ZYP Coatings and have shipped to your location anywhere in the world.  If you are in the US or Canada, you can order from this website. Contact us for volume pricing or international shipping information.

Y Aerosol

Y Aerosol is a fast-drying, solvent-based, easy-to-use aerosol spray can that allows easy application of Yttrium Oxide to most any substrate for use in any atmosphere. The aerosol-can provides the great properties of Y2O3 in an easy-to-use manner. Y-Aerosol has low electrical conductivity; low thermal conductivity; superior high-temperature stability with molten metals, glasses, slags, and salts. Also usable as an inert barrier for reactions, diffusion bonding, brazing etc.

Key Attributes


  • Reactive Metal Melting or Casting
  • Hot-Pressing
  • Reactive Glass Melting or Forming
  • Weld Spatter

High-temperature Barrier Coating

  • Hot-pressing
  • Diffusion Bonding
  • Sintering

High-temperature Lubrication

Ideal Use
  • Superplastic Forming Lubricant
  • Braze Stop-Off (with Titanium and others)

Link to PDF datasheet: Y-Aerosol

Y Aerosol Brushable

ZYP Coating’s “Y Aerosol Brushable” is the same formulation that is used in our Y Aerosol spray can … but is in BULK (paint) form, sold by the gallon.   The Y Aerosol Brushable can be applied by brushing, traditional air-spraying means, or dipping. Usable in any environment from room temperature to 1900 C (3450F).   Y Aerosol Brushable can be diluted with Acetone for somewhat faster drying or with Ethyl Alcohol for somewhat slower drying.

Key Attributes
  • Fast Drying, Solvent Based
  • Easy-to use
  • Dilutable with Acetone and/or Ethanol
  • Apply like housepaints
Ideal Use
  • Reducing Friction
  • Providing Release
  • Barrier Layer

Link to PDF datasheet: Y-Aerosol-Brushable