Sealmet is a water-based coating that provides extended reduction in high-temperature surface oxidation and protection of metals from gaseous chemical attack during thermal cycles.

Key Attributes
  • Forms Sealed-Porosity-Coating That Prevents High-Temperature Gaseous Reactions with Metal Surfaces
  • Works for Most Ferrous Metals
  • Hard/Abrasion-resistant
  • Electrically-insulating Layer
  • Applied Like Housepaints by Brushing or Spraying
  • Forms Sealed-Porosity-Coating That Stops Oxidation: Performs Best if Used > 700 C (>1292 F) due to Pore-Sealing
  • Safe, Water-Based, Easy to Clean Up After Use
Ideal Use
  • Protecting Stainless, Alloy Steels, Carbon Steels, Low-Alloy Steels from Oxidation/Gaseous-Chemical-Attack

Link to PDF datasheet: Sealmet