BN Releasecoat Blue

Another coating that you will cause you to “Think Blue, Think ZYP”.  BN Releasecoat-Blue is a relatively-soft, washcoat-type of coating with a lower BN content which still provides excellent nonwetting and release with aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other nonferrous metals and alloys.


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How to color a mold

One half of this mold was painted with blue food color so that the Glass Release Spray or the ZYP Aerosol can be seen. You will be able to see how thick and where you are covering the mold. The blue color will burn away and the mold will be white again. Do not mix food color with the water-soluble Glass Release Spray. The food color contains propylene glycol which will change the consistency of the liquid, making the sprayer clog. Here is a video on how to spay the mold and use food color to help you judge how much and where you are spraying:


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See Video on painting mold with food color


Glass Release Improvements

BN Glass Release has some new upgrades. A mixing ball has been added to re-suspend the liquid. Just shake until you hear the ball and there is no sediment. The sprayer is shipped separately with the capped bottle. Always save the cap to reuse. Clean the sprayer after use by placing it in a cup of water and pumping water through it until it is cleared of Glass Release. This takes a little more work than our aerosol, but can be shipped anywhere in the world at a lower cost.


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Dental Cast Release

Dental Cast Release Is new for the dental Industry. It provides a water-based paint that can be used to apply a thin Boron Nitride (BN) layer onto typical ceramic crucibles used for vacuum melting and casting of specialty alloys such as “high fusing gold”, cobalt-chrome, nickel-chrome, and other non-precious metal alloys used for crowns or bridges. The finger-pump sprayer with “easy to see” blue paint makes application easy.

Dental Cast Release


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Our 35th Year

ZYP Coatings is celebrating its 35th year. “Thank you” to all our customers who have made this possible. We appreciate your business.





Cera Mastic

Cera Mastic provides a ready-to-use, water-based ceramic putty patching material that can be filled into any fissure, crack or defect in refractory materials. This unique repair product is based on a proprietary mixed oxide system that is completely free of Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF). Cera Mastic is engineered to fill damaged areas with no sintering, shrinking or cracking with use. Adheres well to all refractory surfaces, dense or porous. Applicable for all environments from 500 C (932 F) to 1500 C (2732 F). Ready-to-use after applying with putty knife or trowel followed by drying. No special cure is needed.


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BN Glass Release

Boron Nitride Glass Release Spray provides a water-based BN paint as an alternative to our flammable solvent-based aerosol BN Aerosol Lubricoat. Glass Release is a non-hazardous product, thus allowing much lower shipping/handling costs.  Just like our aerosol, this new easy-to-use trigger sprayer allows application of BN paint onto most any non-glazed (i.e., bisque) surface, substrate or mold. Here is some advice on how to avoid clogs: BN Glass Release Special Instructions. Also some Helpful Hints for using this product.


Link to Special Instructions on how to avoid clogs. BN Glass Release Special Instructions

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Extend the life of your broken refractories – The power of BN is now available in a convenient patching compound

Cera Patch allows industrial users to fill in refractory defects with Boron Nitride (BN).  BN is superior to anything you may have tried before.  Cera Patch does not sinter, shrink or crack with use.  Also, because it uses BN, Cera Patch is non-wetting with molten aluminum.  Cera Patch is applicable for all environments to 800°C (1472°F) for continuous use, and to 1000°C (1832°F) for intermittent use.

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BN Cera Patch Datasheet


ZYP trademarks blue

ZYP Coatings has trademarked the color BLUE as applied to a boron nitride refractory coating. In 1998, ZYP Coatings formulated our world famous BLUE boron nitride coatings which provide the increased visibility needed on white ceramic substrates. This “baby blue” is used in all nonferrous processing industries.

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BN Lubricoat Blue Datasheet


New BN Cera Patch

BN Cera Patch provides a ready-to-use, water-based ceramic putty/patching material that can be filled into any fissure, crack or defect in refractory materials to achieve non-wetting with molten aluminum.

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