White Silk

White Silk Boron Nitride is an aerosol spray can that is ideal for applying a thin BN layer to act as a protective barrier layer to prevent diamond-matrix or metal-bond-powder from sticking to or reacting with graphite molds/plungers/punches at temperatures to >1100 C (>2012 F). For other uses, White Silk is great for spraying thin BN layers for most any purpose.

Key Attributes
  • Fast Drying, Solvent Based, Easy-to-Use
  • Provides Economical, Teflon®-like HighTemperature Release
  • Ideal for Diamond-Drill-Bit Manufacturing
Ideal Use
  • Barrier Layer with Graphite
  • Anti-Stick/Anti-Sieze
  • Providing Release
  • “Dry Film” Lubricant

Link to PDF datasheet: White Silk

  • White Silk
  • 1 Case (12 aerosol cans)
  • $453/case [$37.75/can]
  • White Silk
  • 2-5 Cases (12 cans per case)
  • $431/case [$35.92/can]
  • White Silk
  • 6+ Cases (12 cans per case)
  • $409/case [$34.08/can]

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