BN High Purity

BN-High Purity is a relatively-soft, washcoat-type of Boron Nitirde (BN) coating that provides high-purity (over 99% pure) BN after firing. The coating is usable in vacuum to 1400 C (2552 F) and inert atmospheres to 1800 C (3272 F).   This coating should NOT be used in air atmospheres.

Key Attributes
  • Provides, in a water-based paint, the great properties of BN– low electrical conduction; high thermal conduction (like stainless); prevents reactions between materials; superior release.
  • Applies like housepaint (brush, dip, air-spray)
  • Easily applied by air spraying on to hot or cold crucibles and molds
  • Great with molten metals, glasses, fluxes, slags
  • Safe, Water-Based
Ideal Use
  • Crucibles and Molds
  • Anti-stick/Release
  • Barrier Layer

Link to PDF datasheet: BN High Purity